Cratexpert manufactures and supplies professionally engineered custom wooden crates, shipping crates and pallets. We provide a range of global shipping products including heat treated export containers, barrier bag packaging and global logistics support. Located in Southern Florida, we are committed to being the industry leader in wooden crates, customer service and product development. 

We are a one-stop service that can provide you with customized wooden crates solutions for the efficient and reliable delivery of goods, on time and intact. This is achieved through our total commitment to stream-lining orders and manufacturing through  to on-time delivery by our trucking fleet.  Whether you are a manufacturing company looking for a packaging and logistics partner, or an expat looking to safely transport their goods back home, we have the perfect shipping crates solution for your situation.

Our success has been built upon the hundreds of valued clients who continue to trust us with their custom wooden crates needs. Our passion for continually innovating our product line, our manufacturing systems, our logistics skills and our delivery regime, allows us to  create  unique partnerships with our clients. We understand that delivery of goods on time, and in perfect condition, are the very foundation of any reputable packaging and logistics supply chain company. Our level of continuous improvement and commitment to excellence is the benchmark to which others aspire.